Best Chief Minister in India : Yogi Adityanath Slides down, Naveen No.1


Best Chief Minister in India : Yogi Adityanath Slides down, Naveen No.1

01 Dec 2020
Best Chief Minister in India : Yogi Adityanath Slides down, Naveen No.1

Best Chief Minister in India, 26th November: Here is an update on Best Chief Minister in India. The survey is carried out by Ormax. We have also included news updates to see what Chief Ministers are doing in various states. 

Top 10 Chief Ministers in India

1.Naveen Patnaik, 58%, up 5%, lower than 63% in August

Odisha had some good news in October, COVID cases had fallen quite a bit in the second half of October. The CM's ratings fell the most when COVID cases went up.

The CM got a further boost with BJD winning both the bypolls in the state

Naveen Patnaik recently expelled a senior party leader for anti-people activities. The MLA was accused of being involved in corruption. 


2. Yogi Adityanath, 54%, down 10% in two months

The Hathras incident appears to have affected the CM's popularity a bit. At one level many are upset that the victim did not get justice while other believe that the state was covering up the case to gain caste votes.  This is the first time in many months that the CM has slipped from the top rankings 

Mr. Adityanath was number 1 in August 2020 in all the surveys - India Today mood of the nation Survey, Ormax and Crowdwisdom360

CM Adityanath was the most popular CM of India since the MOTN survey of August 2019

The CM received a big boost after almost sweeping the by polls in the state

The CM recently inaugurated a foundation stone for Rs 6000 crores data centre in NOIDA


3. Sarbananda Sonowal, 52%, down 5%.

The Assam CM who was doing quite well two months ago has now slipped to 3rd rank and the ratings are going lower by the day. At the moment, his ratings are just about adequate for the 2021 Assembly election. The only reason for slippage in October was that COVID cases remained at the same level for most of October before falling from the last week of August. 

As things stand today, BJP will scrape through and win the 2021 election but only by a small margin

Mr. Sonowal inaugurated a water supply project in Guwahati


4. Arvind Kejriwal, 52%, down 2%, down 6% in 2 months

Arvind Kejriwal had a good start in October and his ratings initially went up in our polls. However as COVID cases started to pick up again in the later part of October, the CM started to lose ratings

Arvind Kejriwal continued to struggle against 3rd wave of COVID in Delhi


5.Y S Jagan Reddy, 52%, up 3%,

COVID cases have moved to manageable levels in the state. In the meanwhile the State Government has launched a new Insurance scheme

Jagan Reddy announced relief to victims of Cyclone Nivar


6.Shivraj Chouhan, 49%, down 3%

Shivraj received a big boost in the by polls as the BJP won 19 seats and solidified its majority in the assembly. 


7. Trivendra Singh Rawat, 49%, up 4%, improvement two months in a row.

The CM recently got a reprieve from the Supreme Court with respect to a CBI case against him. 


8. Mamata Banerjee, 48%, no change over last one month.

Mamata made some right moves during the Puja while she continues to battle the BJP on the streets. She will need to gain even more if she hopes to return to power. Our latest polls show Mamata in serious trouble in Bengal as BJP has begun to start making progress in South Bengal as well. 

Mamata Banerjee launched a new scheme duare sarkar to ensure Government programs reach all citizens


9.Vijay Rupani: 48% , down 4%, down 8% in 2 months

The CM came under intense attack from the Congress party for corruption in buying Congress MLAs. Overall, the CM does not seem to be inspiring voters and is increasingly placing the BJP under a lot of risk for the election in 2022


10.BS Yeddyurappa: 46% down 4%

The Karnataka had an ordinary month with the by polls and relentless atttacks from the opposition. The Ex CM Siddaramaiah attacked him for botching up the state's economy. However, the good news for the CM is that the exit polls are showing BJP will win both the by polls


Bottom 10 Chief Ministers in India


11.K Chandrasekhar Rao, 45%, down 2%.

KCR held out well over the last month with a lot of focus on agriculture issues but the Dubbaka by poll gave both the Congress and BJP enough opportunity to take potshots at the Chief Minister eventually culminating in a narrow win for BJP. The CM is heading into further trouble with the GHMC election becoming a head on battle between BJP and TRS with BJP likely gaining significant vote share compared to 2016. 


12 Pinarayi Vijayan: 42% down 1%,

While the case against a key aide of CM Vijayan worsened in October, it appears to have hit a wall when it comes to denting the CM's ratings. If this holds for a month, it could mean that many voters may be suspecting that the case against the CM is a vendetta. 

The Left Government in Kerala was forced to withdraw a controversial ordinance that was meant to gag social media users and media


13.Uddhav Thackeray, 40%, up 2%

Apart from the usual SHS and BJP politics, the CM announced a massive flood relief for those affected by Floods


14.Ashok Gehlot, 39%, down 3%, down 7% in 2 months.

The party managed to scrape through in the recent Municipal elections


15.Nitish Kumar, 36%, down 3%

Nitish managed to scrape through the recent election with a narrow majority thanks to BJP's performance as well as due to OBC vote continuing to back the NDA. But he has lot of work ahead to improve his ratings


16.E Palanisamy: 35%, down 10%, biggest drop this month

There is news that BJP may split the AIADMK a few months before the election and directly contest against the DMK. Looks like an unlikely scenario but here is the article. The fall in EPS scores is a surprise with no major issues having come up recently. However, the opposition has repeatedly attacked the CM for his complex relationship with the BJP. The Good news is that the latest polls show AIADMK defending its seats better than 2 months ago

The CM announced more unlocking across the State as TN continued to see a drop in COVID cases


17.Hemant Soren, 35%, down 5%

Jharkhand is taking longer time to recover from COVID with unemployment rate of 11.8%, only 4 other states are worse than this. 


18.ML Khattar: 35%, down 11% in 2 months.

The active Congress party campaign against BJP and Mr. Khattar and it does seem to be hurting him. In the meanwhile the latest CMIE survey reported 27% unemployment in Haryana (highest in the country). In response, the Haryana Government announced reservations for locals in private sector jobs


19.Bhupesh Baghel: 34%, down 13% in two months.

The CM has had a difficult month which involved a showdown with the Governor.


20.Captain Amarinder Singh: 27% down 2%, down 12% in 2 months.

After SAD's exit from the NDA alliance, the CM has struggled to keep his ratings steady. 

(Only states with 10 million+ pop was considered in this list)

Vote for Crowdwisdom360's Best CM Opinion Poll here

6 out of the top 10 states were ruled by the BJP, not a single one by the Congress. In the bottom 10, just 1 was ruled by the BJP

How are the Chief Ministers who have an election in next few months performing?

1. West Bengal: Mamata Banerjee has steadied but as our polls show, Mamata is in serious trouble. Mamata has launched a new scheme to ensure all Govt schemes reach voters. A similar program was a success in Odisha

2. Tamil Nadu: The last two months have been quite volatile with EPS showing huge improvement in September and then falling big in October. Stalin appears to believe that continuous tagging with the BJP will produce good results for the DMK. AIADMK overall is showing improvement but the current ratings are not enough

3. Kerala: In our recent survey, we saw the LDF coming back to power in Kerala narrowly. However, the continued Corona crisis has massively hurt CM Pinarayi Vijayan's ratings. If he does not stem the rot, LDF will head for defeat next year. The good news is inspite of the Gold smuggling investigation picking momentum, the CM hasn't lost ratings any further. While the scores at 42 are low, steady ratings is a good place to be in at the moment

4. Assam: As Opposition activity picks up, Sonowal has started to trend downwards. No danger at the momentum but any slippage below 50% will put Sonowal under risk. Our latest poll shows, BJP just ahead.  

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