AC Milan vs Roma Soccer Prediction and Betting Analysis


AC Milan vs Roma Soccer Prediction and Betting Analysis

22 Oct 2020
AC Milan vs Roma Soccer Prediction and Betting Analysis

AC Milan vs Roma Soccer Prediction and Betting : The Serie A has a number of matches lined up for the next weekend with every completing at least 4 matches until now. While Juventus has struggled to get going in the initial phase, other usual suspects have wasted no time in securing important wins at the start of the new season. Come next Monday (26th October), the table topper AC Milan are set to take on Roma at a home fixture. Roma has had its own share of trouble at the start but it seems that they have got some confidence after few games.

AC Milan are looking strong and have all it takes to win Serie A this season. When they face next week it all comes to who draws first blood and who peaks at the right time to secure an all-important win.

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AC Milan vs Roma Soccer Prediction and Betting : Recent form

The Milan based club didn’t have a comfortable season in 2019 with just a 6th place finish in Italy’s top most competition. They failed to qualify to any other major leagues which meant that they had all the time in the world to get back to the drawing room.

It looks like they have done their homework perfectly with the results until now. They have got to a flyer in Serie A with 4 wins in 4 games and have occupied the top spot with some authority. They have 14 goals in 6 matches accounting to 2.33 goals per fixture so far.

Roma had a mixed season overall with a top 5 finish in Italy and made it to the quarter finals of the Europa League along with an early exit in the Europa League.

This was because of their inconsistencies and injury concerns that hurt them real-bad throughout the season. In this season, they have exhibited similar pattern with an unexpected loss against Verona in the opener but put on a tough fight against Juventus to draw at 2-2.

Since then, they have played extremely well two wins that has put them back in contention again. They are currently at 8th position in table and win on Monday will help them gain places. 

AC Milan vs Roma prediction and betting analysis: Head-to-head

Matches: 48

AC Milan: 16

Roma: 16

Draw: 16

Last 5 matches: AC Milan – 3, Roma – 1, Draw – 1.

Recent Meeting: AC Milan beat Roma 2-0 on 28th June 2020 in a Serie A fixture.

AC Milan vs Roma Soccer Prediction and Betting : News Buzz

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Has Had A Wider Impact Than Cristiano Ronaldo, Insists Ex-Juventus Boss

Arrigo Sacchi: “AC Milan Proved To Be More Of A Team Than Inter”

AC Milan vs Roma prediction and betting analysis: Offensive and defensive stats

The Roma might stick to their default formation of 4-2-3-1 that has got them wins in the recent games. The home team AC Milan will also go in with a 4-2-3-1 team that gives them a proper mixture of defense and attack irrespective of the opponent they play.

The AC Milan forward consists of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Leao, Diaz and Saelemaekers to score on the frontline.

Zlatan will be the prime striker in the team who has netted on 5 occasions so far with a wonderful touch and has 70% pass accuracy along with 6 shots on target per game for the team.

The youngster Rafael Leao is a bundle of talent and has scored 3 goals in 7 appearances along with 75% pass accuracy. He is strong in aerial duels winning 1.3 per game and has given 1.7 shots on target per match in the recent game.

Saelemaekers will be a key player in the forward who is a strong dribbler and finisher. He has 1 goal and 0.3 shots on target per game along with 76.6% pass success in Serie A.

Looking at Roma, the return of Edin Dzeko has changed fortunes for the team with the prime striker missing out in the initial games. He has 2 goals in 3 appearances along with 2.1 shots per game, 1.4 key passes and 71.9% pass success.

Henrikh Mkhitarayan is a pretty important candidate in this line up who can provide you with key passes as well has a wonderful finishing touch. He enjoys 2.2 shots per game and has score 4 goals in the last four outings.

Pedro and Pellegrini are expected to create more chances as the wingers with former Chelsea player having 79% pass success and 4 goals in 4 games so far.

AC Milan’s backline has the services of Kjaer, Gabbia, Hernandez and Calabria who withstood the attack led by Romelu Lukaku.

Simon Kjaer is a key component who blocks the ball very well along with his skills in the air. He has 87.4% pass accuracy, 2.3 aerials won and 3.5 clears per game.

Matteo Gabbia is up to the task with his strong points being passing and blocking the opponent’s attack. In addition to 94.7% pass success, he enjoys 1.7 blocks and 1.3 tackles on average in the last 11 games.

Theo Hernandez is a versatile player who not only defends but has a goal and an assist in 4 games. He also has 81.3% pass accuracy along with 2.3 aerials and 2.5 tackles won per game.

The Roma’s defense has often been vulnerable to opposition’s attack with Ibanez, Cristante, Mancini and Spinazzola guarding the backline.

Bryan Cristante who is the center back will have to improve in the coming games but has 72.6% pass success, 0.8 tackle and 1.5 clears per game. The defender will have to take his game to the next level of he has to survive.

But the most impressed player was Leonardo Spinazzola who has 1.2 dribbles, 1.8 shot on target along with 1.2 dribbles and 1.8 clears per game so far. He is proving to be an asset and the management should make sure that he is taken care of.

AC Milan vs Roma prediction and betting analysis:

The important clash between AC Milan and Roma will be played on 26th October in San Siro stadium at 9.45 pm local time. Even though the home team goes into the clash as the favorites, the Roma are desperate to secure three points next Monday.

The betting platforms have suggested that the AC Milan have a convincing advantage over the rivals with task cut out for the away team. 

FCTables have predicted Milan to win even though the match is expected to be a neck-to-neck fight. Milan are ahead with 41% chance whereas Roma are right behind with 32% chance.

Bettingexpert which is famous for giving the accurate odds have also gone on to predict an outright victory for the home team with Roma needing to press a little hard to earn a win here.

Oddschecker which is known for accumulating all the odds and giving out the best odds have also reiterated that the Milan will continue to top the table with a win on Monday as of now.  

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