Goa Assembly Election 2022 Opinion Polls and Latest News


Goa Assembly Election 2022 Opinion Polls and Latest News

26 Aug 2021
Goa Assembly Election 2022 Opinion Polls and Latest News
The next Goa Assembly election will be held in the month of February 2022. The Goa Assembly Election 2022 Opinion Polls are yet to be publised. We will be updating the numbers once we conduct our polls.

The term of current Goa Assembly expires on 15th March 2022. BJP has been in power in Goa since 2012, therefore in the 2022 Goa election BJP will be defending its work of last 10 years.
THe BJP will be fighting under the leadership of it's CM Pramod Sawant.

Currently out of 40 Goa Assembly seats, BJP has 27 seats, Indian National Congress has 5 seats, NCP has 1, Goa Forward Party has 3 while Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party has 1 seat respectively.

The AAP has also made visible inroads in Goa in the last few years. 


Goa Assembly Election 2022 Opinion Polls: What do the Opinion Polls say?
1)The latest opinion poll is the We Preside Poll which was conducted between 3rd to 10th August
Due to division of massive anti-incumbency,the BJP is all set to emerge as the SLP in a hung assembly

  Party Seatshare Voteshare
  BJP 14 29%
  INC 13 25%
  AAP 4 16%
  MGP 3 11%
  GFP 2 8%
  Others 4 11%

If the INC builds up an electoral alliance or understanding with other parties like the NCP,GFP,MGP and other independents, it can easily secure a majority.
The AAP has been putting a lot of hardwork and effort,but people doubt if it actually has a chance to win.

2)Lok Poll survey conducted between 11th and 21st June


Party Seatshare Voteshare
BJP 14-16 29-31%
INC 10-12 25-27%
AAP 0-2 6-8%
GFP 2-4 3-5%
MGP 2-4 12-14%
NCP 1-2 2-4%

Goa Assembly Election 2022 Opinion Polls: Latest News

[26th August] Chidambaram meets Congress party leaders and workers,takes stock of condition of party in state,selection of candidates and prospective alliances

[26th August] BJP launching incomplete projects to fool people: Goa Forward Party

[24th August] 
Goa Forward Party promises constituency centric manifesto

[24th August] MGP will not join hands with the BJP 

[23rd August] BJP makes inroads in Fatorda ST Bastion as Congress leaders defect to join party

[23rd August] Goa Congress dares chief minister to make public details of Rs 35,000 cr mining scam

Chidambaram to take stock of Congress preparations for Goa Assembly polls next week

[23rd August] ‘AICC serious about 2022 polls’
"In the past Election observers were appointed two months before election, it is the first time the party leadership has appointed observers six months ahead of the election."

Goa: No plans to open tourism sector, says CM Pramod Sawant

Deccan Herald: Freebie war in poll bound Goa as BJP, AAP jostle for votes

Congress suffers jolt as Fatorda Block leaders join BJP

Goa: Colleges, educational institutions can hold physical classes from today

Will make Goa a model state after resuming office in 2022: Congress

The Hindu: Gujarat BJP leader, wife found dead

India Today: Gujarat Congress leader's estranged wife accuses him of transferring $3 lakh to another woman

There could be power outage in Rashtrapati Bhavan, but not in Gujarat villages: Patel

Indian Express: Facing backlash, Goa CM Pramod Sawant says will drop ‘Bhumiputra’ from new Bill

Goa Assembly Election 2022 Opinion Polls: How Goa Voted in 2019 Lok Sabha Electio?

Goa has two Lok Sabha seats, and both the seats were held by BJP after 2014 Lok Sabha election. However, in 2019 both BJP and INC won 1 seat each.

BJP won North Goa seat by a huge margin while in South Goa it lost to INC by around 2.5% vote difference.

BJP got massive 51.19% vote share however, it was 2% less than what it had won in 2014 while Congress got 42.92% vote share a massive increase of 6.3% as compared to Lok Sabha 2014 election.

In terms of Assembly segments, BJP was ahead in 26 segments while INC was ahead in 14 assembly segments.

Goa Assembly Election 2022 Opinion Polls: What happened in 2017 Election?

The 2017 Goa Assembly election was held on 4th February 2017 and result was declared on March 18, 2017. After the result, no party was given mandate to rule by the people of Goa.

In 40 seats Goa Assembly, Indian National Congress emerged as the single largest party with 17 seats, BJP won 13 seats while GFP and MGP won 3 seats each. 4 seats were won by independents.

Despite being the single largest party, INC failed to stitch an alliance with any of the smaller parties and BJP along with GFP and MGP and support of independents formed its government. The alliance was finalised only after the then Defence Minister of India, Manohar Parrikar was made Chief Ministerial face of Goa.

Currently Pramod Sawant is the Chief Minister of Goa. He was sworn in as CM of Goa after the demise of then CM Manohar Parrikar in 2019.

Goa Assembly Election 2022 Opinion Polls: What has changed since 2017 Assembly?

Since 2017 Goa Assembly election, the state politics has seen a massive change. The veteran politician of Goa and former Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar died during in 2019 and the then speaker of Goa Assembly, Pramod Sawant was sworn in as Chief Minister.

After 2017 Goa Assembly election, Congress had 17 seats and BJP has just 13 seats, but now BJP has 27 seats and Congress has just 5 seats. The allies of BJP GFP and MGP left the alliance.

Recently elections for 5 Municipal Councils were held in Goa. BJP backed panel won 3 Municipal Councils of Quepem, Mormugao and Sanguem while in Mapusa it fell short majority and in Margao Municipal Council a combined panel of Congress and MGP won the majority.

Goa Assembly Election 2022 Opinion Polls: What is expected in 2022 Assembly election?

In 2022 Goa Assembly election, BJP may contest election all alone while Congress may contest in an alliance with local parties of Goa.

Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP is set to try its luck once again in state after failing to win any seats in 2017.

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