NIFTY Predictions and Forecasts for 2021 and Today, Support and Resistance


NIFTY Predictions and Forecasts for 2021 and Today, Support and Resistance

14 Oct 2021
NIFTY Predictions and Forecasts for 2021 and Today, Support and Resistance
According to NIFTY predictions by analysts on 14th October 2021, NIFTY faces resistance at 17,769 while support is at about 18,211.
Axis SecuritiesNifty target upgraded to 17,400 for December 2021, Anand Rathi: NIFTY will touch 17000 in 2021. BofA Securities expects Nifty to fall 10 percent by December
Analysts on an average predict that NIFTY target for December 2021 is 15,908 (last 10 forecasts average). Detailed Predictions are two sections below

Update for 14th October 2021: NIFTY closed 0.94% higher at 18,161.75 on Wednesday, 13th of October 2021.

Nikkei is trading 0.86% higher on Thursday while the Dow closed 0.0015% lower on Wednesday.

India reported 0.13 lakh new COVID Cases on Wednesday, it was 0.23 lakhs last Wednesday.

Will NIFTY go down in the next few days?

The Overall Technical Rating by Analysts is Positive. The positive to neutral/negative forecasts are in the ratio 2:0

NIFTY Predictions for Today: NIFTY support and resistance (14th Oct 2021)




on Moneycontrol

18,076 (S3)

18,223 (R1)


17,860 (S3)

18,200 (R1)


17,970 (S3)

18,210 (R1)

Positive News

[13th Oct] Nifty may hit 21,000 before any major correction; earnings, inflation extremely critical

[13th Oct]  Remain long on Nifty; bet on Indian Bank, Tata Coffee, says Vinay Rajani

[12 Oct] Bulls to remain in control as long as Nifty holds above 17400-17500

[9th Oct] Indian shares gain after RBI leaves interest rates unchanged

[7th Oct] Nifty to remain in broader consolidation zone; market to stay stock-specific

Negative Forecasts

[]7th Oct] Over 80 stocks in Nifty Midcap 100 hint more room for upside

The Moneycontrol NIFTY Forum

Latest NIFTY Stocks News

Where to invest with NIFTY > 16500

Index stocks to hog limelight next week as broad market rally pauses

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NIFTY Predictions for 2021: NIFTY Predictions, Forecasts and Recommendations

  1. ICICI Direct: NIFTY at 16,500 by end of 2021 (June 9th)
  2. Geojit: NIFTY at 16,000 in 2021 (2nd June)
  3. Axis Securities: NIFTY to touch 16,100 by end of 2021 (April 22nd)
  4. Goldman Sachs: NIFTY target reduced to 16,300 by December 2021 (April 13th)
  5. Reliance Securities: NIFTY may hit 16,300 by December 2021 (April 5th)
  6. Prabhudas Lilladher: NIFTY to hit 16,075 by March 2022 (Feb 25th)
  7. Bank of America: NIFTY to hit 15,000 by December 2021 (Jan 21st)
  8. Kotak Securities: NIFTY at 15500 in 6 months (Jan 14th)
  9. IIFL Securities predicts NIFTY at 15,700 by end of 2021 (Jan 4th)
  10. Jefferies predicts NIFTY at 15,800 by end of 2021 (Jan 4th)

अगर आप इसे हिंदी में पढ़ना चाहते हैं, तो यहां क्लिक करें

NIFTY Predictions for Today: NIFTY and Other Markets Update (11th Oct 2021)


Performance on 13th Oct

Performance Over 5 days

Performance Over 1 Month

NIFTY (India)




Nikkei (Japan)












DAX (Germany)




Hang Seng (Hong Kong)




b. Index Valuation

Index P/E is now 27.75 which is high but seems to have come down on the back of improved results

c. FII and DII inflows

FIIs were net sellers while DIIs were net buyers on 13th Oct. FII net sales in October has been Rs 4198 crores, DII net purchases have been Rs 1299 crores. 

d. Global Macro:

  14th Oct Change over Previous day
Dollar Rupee INR 75.02 UNCH
Brent Crude $ 83.27 0.11%
Gold (Oct) $ 1790 -0.26%

US Dollar: Rupee to strengthen as Fed hints at taperingUSD INR linkage tends to have an impact on short term NIFTY performance

Brent Crude: Acceleration to Upside with Help from Hurricane Ida

Gold trends lower as yields rise. Read our top-ranked Gold Predictions article

3. NIFTY Predictions for 2021 and Today: Macros - Inflation, IIP, GDP, PMI CCI, etc

  April May June July
Retail Consumer Inflation 4.29% 6.30% 6.26%  
Industrial Production 134.40% 29.30%    
Service PMI 54 46.4 41.2 45.4
Manufacturing PMI 55.5 50.8 48.1 55.3
GST  1,02,000 Cr 92,849 Cr 1,16,000 Cr  
EPFO 1100145 919772    
Exports $ 30.6 B $ 32.27 B $ 32.5 B $ 35 B
Vehicle registrations 1.19 million 0.54 million 1.2 million 1.6 million
Core Sector 56.10% 16.80% 8.90%  
Unemployment 8.80% 11.80% 9.17% 6.95%

4. NIFTY Predictions for 2021 and Today: GDP Forecasts

States' Fiscal Deficit To Moderate To 4.1% Of GDP In FY'22: India Ratings

India's GDP in June Quarter Likely to be in Double Digit; Growth to Touch Record High

Vaccination pace too slow, India Ratings lowers GDP forecast

CII: FY 2022 GDP at 9.5%

India's GDP contracted lower than estimated in the last FY. 

Moody's: (Original: Double digit growth for India this year). Moody revises India GDP forecast downwards to 9.3%

S & P: India will be on the fastest growing economies next Fiscal

5. NIFTY Predictions for 2021 and Today: Major Newsflow

[6th Aug] The Market | Biju Samuel of Elara Securities on Nifty target of 19,600

[29th Aug] Future files new case against Amazon in top court over $3.4 billion retail deal

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Note: Crowdwisdom360 collates Predictions and data from all over the net and has no in-house view on the likely trends in the Index or Individual Stocks. Please consult a SEBI registered advisor to guide you on your financial decisions. 

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