One Page for All Links on India Data


One Page for All Links on India Data

29 Jul 2020
One Page for All Links on India Data

Pic Courtesy: MapsofIndia

We have created a page where all key links for statistics about India are available. If you want any links to be included, please post below. If you have any questions on data that you want us to find, ask your question in the comments section. We now have 86 links and counting

Indian Economy

All Statistics (Inflation, Industrial Production and GDP) about the Indian Economy is available here

India Wholesale price Index (Click here)

Full Handbook on Statistics of the Indian Economy (Click here)

Full Handbook on Statistics of States in India (Click here)

Industrial Outlook Survey (Click here)

Monthly Electricty Statistics (Click here)

Monthly Airports Statistics (Click here)

World Bank Statistics about India (Click here)

India Provisional Agricultural census statistics (Click here)

India District level Statistics 

India Monthly Mineral production Statistics (Click here)

Data Release Calendar (Click here)

Governance Statistics

Central Government Expenditure and Income Statistics Including GST, Monthly (Click here)

Central Government Finances, more details (Click here)

Search Questions asked in the Rajya Sabha, lots of statistics available. (Click here)

Search Questions asked in the Lok Sabha (Click Here)

Statistics on State Budgets in India (Click here)

Analysis of State Budgets in India 

National Budget Statistics (Click Here)

Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Periodic Reports on State and Central Governance (Click here)

Public Sector Enterprises Stock Market Statistics and Data (Click here)

Agriculture Statistics, Click the Statistics button on the page for agriculture and horticulture statistics (Click here)

National Agricultural Market Statistics (Click here)

India Court Statistics (Click here)

Crime in India Statistics (Click here)

National Highyway Road Construction Statistics (Click here)

Ujjwala Yojana Statistics (Click here)

National Rural Employment Guarantee Program Statistics (Click here)

Rural Roads Construction, click on progress monitoring on the top of the page once you (Click here)

Swacch Bharat Mission, Rural Sanitation project progress (Click here) 

Rural Housing Programme, PMAY (Click here)

Mudra Yojana Small enterprises lending Statistics (Click here)

Indian Railways Statistics (Click here)

India Suicide and Accident Statistics - 2015 report (Click here)

Indian Wealth

RBI Household Wealth Statistics - Irregular Updates (Click Here)

RBI Quarterly Bank Deposits Owned by Indians (Click Here)

Small Savings Statistics (Click here)

AMFI Mutual Fund Statistics (Click here)

Non-Resident Indian NRI Deposits (Click here)

RBI Household Finance Report (Click here)

SEBI Comprehensive Investor Survey (Click here)

India Mutual Funds Performance Statistics (Click here)

Banking Statistics

Banking Credit Deployment by Sector (Click here)

India Payment Statistics (Click here)

All Banking Statistics in one place - RBI Bulletin (Click here)

Comprehensive RBI Portal on Corporate, Banking (Including NPAs), External Debt and Economics Statistics (Click here) 

Corporate Bond Statistics - SEBI (Click here)


India Trade Statistics

India Export and Import Data (Click Here)

India Agriculture Trade Statiscs (Click here)

India's Services Trade Statistics. Click the excel. (Click here)


India Foreign Investment Statistics

India Long Term FDI Data (Click here)

India Foreign Portfolio Investment Statistics (Click here)

India Variation in Foreign Reserves Updates (Click here)

India External Commercial Borrowings Statistics (Click here)


India Census Statistics

2011 India Census Data (Click Here for Population DataHere for Household Data)

Sample Registration Bulletins - Population Statistics Updates between two Census (Click Here) 


India Healthcare Statistics

Latest Health Care Survey (Click Here)

National Health Management Information System (Click Here)

India Cancer Statistics 


India Education Statistics

India National Education Statistics

India Higher Education Statistics - University Grants Commission UGC (Click here)

National (Educational ) Achievement Survey (Click here)

India National School Statistics (Click here)

India Engineering College Education Statistics (Click here)

India Medical College Data (Click here)


India Political Statistics

Official Election Commission of India Data (Click Here)

Election Data organised for analysis, India Votes (Click here)

Live Official Election Results (Click Here)


India Corporate 


India Advertising Statistics (Click here)


Indian Consumer

Domestic Automobile Sales - Annual (Click here)

Domestic Automobile Sales - Monthly - Paid (Click here)

India Telecom Consumer data (Click here)

Indian Consumer Confidence Survey (Click here)

Inflation Expectation of Households - RBI Survey (Click here)

Numbeo India Traffic Data - (Click here)


India Weather Statistics

India Monsoon Statistics (Click here)


India Surveys

Unemployment Survey, reasonably reliable (Click here)

Tourism Surveys (Click hereClick here)

India Today Sex Survey (Click here)

India Official College Rankings (Click here)

Best Schools in India Survey (Click here)

Indian (print) Readership Survey Report (Click here)

India Television Viewership Data (BARC) (Click here)

Media and Entertainment Report - FICCI-EY report (Click here)

ILO-Gallup Survey on women 

Please follow our Economy Page for all the latest articles, surveys, predictions and analysis


Short Summary of India's Trade

Japan's per capita went from $ 479 in 1960 to $ 39629 by 1994. In that period,

- Japan's merchandise exports went up from $ 4 Billion to $ 400 Billion

- India's exports went up from $ 1.3 B to $ 25 B

- China had double India's exports in 1960 at $ 2.5B and this went upto $ 121 B. It initially took advantage of the collapse of Eastern European economies and Russia.

- Korea's exports went up from $ 32 million (!!!) to $ 96 Billion

- Malaysia's exports went up from $ 1.2 B to $ 59 B.

In sum, Japan's exports had exploded during that 30 year period

By 2017, the picture changed a bit.

- India's exports went up from $ 25 B in 1994 to 298 B in 2017

- Japan's merchandise exports went up from $ 400 to $ 698 Billion

- China went from $ 121 B to a massive $ 2263 Billion

Korea's exports went up from $ 96 B  to $ 574 Billion

- Malaysia's exports went up from $ 59 B to $ 218 B.

India's best years came when India did well on Exports. Add IT exports outperformance during this period and that is one big reason why India performed well. 


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