Israel Opinion Polls 2021 Average: Likud-31, Yesh Atid -19, תקווה חדשה -9


Israel Opinion Polls 2021 Average: Likud-31, Yesh Atid -19, תקווה חדשה -9

23 Mar 2021
 Israel Opinion Polls 2021 Average: Likud-31, Yesh Atid -19, תקווה חדשה -9
The Average of the last 5 opinion polls shows Likud at 31, Yesh Atid at 19, New Hope at 9 and Yamina at 9. Should the results stay this way, it would be a big challenge to form a Stable Government again

Israel Opinion Polls 2021: Last 5 Opinion Polls (Leading Parties Only)

Poll Likud Yesh Atid New Hope Yamina Shas Joint List UTJ Labor Others
Channel 13 30 18 10 10 8 8 7 6 23
Channel 12 32 18 9 9 8 8 7 6 23
Maariv 30 19 8 10 8 8 6 5 26
Kan 11 31 19 9 9 8 8 7 5 24
Mako 31 19 9 9 8 8 7 5 24
Average 31 19 9 9 8 8 7 5 24

Israel Opinion Polls 2021: Google Search Update (Leading Parties Only)

Feb 23-29, 2020 vs Last One week

Likud: 31% vs 19%

Yesh Atid: (*) vs 18%

New Hope: (*) vs 10%

Yamina : 8% vs 5%

Shas: 8% vs 5%

Joint List: 8% vs 5%

UTJ: 2% vs 2%

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Israel Opinion Polls 2021: Latest News Updates

Jerusalem Post: Undecided voters at an all time high

Haaretz: The Real Reason Israel’s Left Keeps Losing

Haaretz: Gideon Sa'ar does not rule out rotation deal with Yair Lapid

Times of Israel: Netanyahu's Likud signs vote sharing agreement with Religious Zionist Party. Labor and Meretz have also signed their vote-sharing agreement.

Times of Israel: High Court of Justice Israel rejected a petition to overturn the decision made by the Central Elections Committee , banning the airing of a small clip of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a comedy show. A three judges bench presiding over the matter said that Netanyahu’s Likud Party to allow the clip to be aired was too close to the scheduled broadcasting date of the show, and thus there was no choice but to dismiss it.

i24news: Some good news for PM Netanyahu. Netanyahu’s corruption hearings postponed until after Israel’s election. The trial phase of his trial won't embark until after the March 23 elections. This has a two fold impact on Netanyahu’s candidature for the upcoming elections. Netanyahu has been charged with bribery, breach of trust and fraud in connection with a series of corruption scandals. However, as there are two sides of a coin, even in this case there is another side to the story. The bad news for Netanyahu is that the post election process of forming a government will clash with the court hearings.

On Monday, 8th of February Benjamin Netanyahu pleaded not guilty while appearing in Jerusalem court. After this move by Netanyahu he may get some relief as the trial may be postponed and could be taken up only after March 23rd election. Netanyahu’s lawyers said the massive scale of the arguments and allegations in the case required a delay in the start of the evidentiary stage, and asked for that phase to only begin in three or four months. 

After 6 years the Joint List consisting of four parties headed towards a split. On one side, three largely secular parties, Hadash, Taal and Balad, have remained in the List while United Arab List (UAL), a conservative Islamic party led by Mansour Abbas will be fighting the election alone. It is  believed that Netanyahu has been widely credited with offering incentives to encourage Abbas to quit the Joint List and form a rival political coalition, one bolstered by the support of popular local politicians. 

The Election Panel of Israel has sent a notice to Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud to take down an election video in which the prime minister appears with a military helicopter and Israel Defense Forces soldiers in the background.By law, 90 days before the election and on Election Day, there is a ban on using the IDF and particularly soldiers in campaign advertising. This includes pictures of soldiers with the prime minister and defense minister, or with any candidate from any party.

The election for the 23rd term of Knesset is scheduled on Tuesday, 23rd March 2021. This time many new political parties have emerged and are trying their enter the Knesset. Israeli National Election officially begun on 11th March. The first absentee votes have been officially cast in Israeli Embassy in New Zealand. The first voter was Ran Yaakoby, Israeli ambassador to New Zealand.. 

Israel's longest serving Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu this time may not find it easy to make a way out for himself this time. The opinion polls dont seem to be favor of his party, Likud. 

Recently, two political parties, Ra'am and Ta'al officially split from Joint list on 28th January. In latest news Telem (Centre-right) will not be contesting in the upcoming March legislative election as the party leader pulls it out of the race. Telem, since its split from Yesh Atid (Liberal) in January, has yet to reach above the 3.25% electoral threshold in polls.

In other news, a record of 47 parties have submitted their list of these, 7 parties would drop out before the election day. Here is the first list of candidates. 

As the election is nearing the opinion polls indicates lead of Likud further declining . The latest poll released by Panel Research and published by Channel 13 show Likud winning 32 Knesset seats, followed by Yesh Atid (18), New Hope (9), Yamina (9), the Joint Arab List (8), Sephardi ultra-Orthodox party Shas (8), Ashkenazi Haredi party United Torah Judaism (7), Yisrael Beytenu (7), Labor (6), Blue and White (4), the Religious Zionist Party (4), and Meretz 4 seats.

Israel Election Opinion Polls 2021: Chronological order of Opinion Polls Published after the formation of Gideon Sa'ar's New Hope - Unity for Israel political party

Before the election silence started in Israel two channels that is Channel 12 and Channel 13 released their opinion polls for upcoming Israel election. As per the poll Likud has gained some ground but may not be enough for Likud coalition to return to power.

As per poll released by Channel 13 on 19th March, Likud may win 30 seats with Yesh Atid winning 18 seats. Yamina and New Hope may win 10 seats each in upcoming Israel election.

According to Channel 12 which released their polls on19th March itself, Likud may win 32 seats, Yesh Atid 18 seats and Yamina and New Hope 9 seats each.

The latest poll released by Panel Research and published by Jerusalem Post on 11th March gives Likud 27 seats, Yesh Atid may win 20 seats while Yamina may win 11 and New Hope 10 seats.

As per the poll released on 4th March by Mariv and poll conducted by Panel Politics, Likud may win just 27 seats, Yesh Atid 20 and Yamina and New Hope may win 12 each.

The latest poll released by Panel Politics and published by 103fm show on 28th February Likud winning 28 Knesset seats, followed by Yesh Atid (19), New Hope (13), Yamina (11), the Joint Arab List (9), Sephardi ultra-Orthodox party Shas (8), Ashkenazi Haredi party United Torah Judaism (7), Yisrael Beytenu (7), Labor (6), Blue and White (4), the Religious Zionist Party (4), and Meretz 4 seats.

The latest poll released by Channel 20 on 22nd February, Likud may win only 28 seats in the upcoming election, a loss of 8 seats. Yesh Atid will emerge as a 2nd largest party with 18 seats. New Hope may 13 and Yamina may win 11 seats.

On 8th February Channel 20 released its poll numbers for the upcoming Israel election. The poll was conducted by Maagor Mohot. As per the polls Israel may once again see none of alliance getting mojority. Likud will be the single largest party with 31 seats. Yesh Atid may win 18 seats and New Hope 11 seats. Yamina and Joint List may have 10 seats in their kitty. Labor may increase their number from 2 to 6 seats.

The latest opinon poll released on 7th February by Direct Polls show Likud winning 31 seats which is 5 short of number of seats that it had won last election. Yesh Atid and New Hope may emerge as 2nd largest party by winning 14 seats. Yamina may win 11 seats.

The Opinion poll released on 2nd February by Walla! in association with Panel Politics give Likud 31 seats. Yesh Atid is set to increase its number of seats to 18. New Hope may win 15 seats while Yamina may win 12 seats as per this poll. 

On 1st February, Channel 20 released their new Israel Election opinion poll. As per the polls Likud may lose around 5 seats that is it may win 31 seats. Previously it had won 36 seats. Yesh Atid may win 17 seats while Yamina may win 12 and New Hope 14 seats. The Arab Coalition, Joint List which recently split may win around 11 seats.

Latest Opinion poll released on 29th January 2021 by Israel Hayom show the seats of Likud further declining. As per the poll Likud may be able to bag only 28 seats if elections are held today. Joint List and Yesh Atid may emerge as second largest alliance with 15 seats each while New Hope may bag 14 seats. 

New Opinion poll released by Channel 12 on January 26th show Likud winning 29 seats, Yesh Atid may win 16 while New Hope 15 seats and Joint list 10 seats.

As per the opinion poll released by Channel 12 on 19th January, Likud may win 30 seats, New Hope 15, Yamina 13, Yesh Atid 14 and  Joint List 10 seats.

The latest opinion poll released on 14th January give Likud 32 seats. New Hope may be the 2nd largest party with 17 seats, Yes Atid may win 14 and Yamina 12 seats.

The opinion poll released by Channel 12 on 12th January shows Likud loosing the lead the it had gained as per the the last poll released by Channel 13. New Polls show Likud winning 29 seats, 6 less than what it has currently, New Hope 16 seats 13 more than current seats, Yamina 13 and Joint List 10 seats.

The latest opinion poll launched by Channel 13 on 8th of January 2021 show Likud winning  31 seats, New Hope may win 16 seats, Yamina 13 seats and the Israelis may win 5 seats.

The new opinion poll published by Channel 13 on 5th January, 2021 show Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud winning only 27 seats, New Hope may win 18 seats, Yamina 14 seats and the Israelis may win 6 seats

Opinion Polls for the 2021 Israeli legislative Election: Why is Netanyahu in troubled Waters?

Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to form Unity government is gradually back firing for Likud as per the recent polls.

After the 3rd Israel National Election on 2nd March 2020 giving no clear result once again, Prime Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz agreed on the formation of a national unity government. Under the agreement both Netanyahu and Gantz agreed to power-sharing deal in which both will serve as Prime Minister of Israel for 18 months each.

However, since the formation of Unity Government, things don't look as planned for both PM Netanyahu's party Likud and Benny Gantz's political alliance Blue and White.

In previous election in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party was the single largest party winning 36 seats. Blue and White which then included Yesh Atid-Telem won 31 seats in Knesset. However, after Benny Gantz joined hand hands with Netanyahu, Yesh Atid Telem split from Blue and White and at present Blue and White Alliance headed by Benny Gantz has 14 seats in Knesset.

The Government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu has 72 seats after adding all the small alliances including Blue and White. The latest opinion polls does not show a favorable result for Likud and Netanyahu. Neftali Bennett and Yamina seems to rise at the behest to both Likud and Blue and White part.

Yamina headed by Neftali Bennett seems to gain a lot, that is from previous 5 seats to now 22 seats. Even Benny Gantz's Blue and White Party would be lose couple of seats that is from previous 14 seats to current 10 seats.

Now after Netanyahu led government failed to pass the budget, the government collapsed and fresh election has been called which will be held in March 2021. The opinion polls which has been almost correct in Israel are predicting a rout for Benjamin Netanyahu and his political front Likud.

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